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Meet the Team

Global Currency Services has a diverse team with one goal in common:  we all aim to deliver the best client experience possible.  When choosing new team members, Global Currency Services hires staff that can offer service in different languages, and staff that have various travel related experiences.  These attributes help us to deliver service that can’t be beat.  Hoping to join our team? Contact Carinta.

Carinta founded Global Currency Services in 2000.  After completing a degree in Economics, she continued her industry related education by completing the Canadian Institute for Financial Crime Analysis program, training with The Canadian Anti-Money Laundering Institute and holding a current Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) certification.   

Carinta and her husband justify their love of travelling by calling it “industry research” and enjoy exploring the world with their two daughters.   

When Carinta is not working or spending time with her family, she is finding ways to support her industry through the Canadian Money Service Association and supporting entrepreneurship through the Business Centre of Guelph Wellington

Parlo un po d’italiano.

Contact Carinta Mannarelli

Nunzia joined Global Currency Services in 2005 after moving to Canada from Venezuela.  Nunzia has a degree in Engineering. 

Nunzia is affectionately considered the most Canadian person in Canada  by her coworkers and takes every opportunity to celebrate the great things that our country embodies.  While at work, Nunzia extends authentic and heartfelt care to each client relationship, and as a result, has turned many clients into personal close friends.   

When Nunzia is not working, she is often travelling to countries with warmer climates with her husband and two daughters.   

Contact Nunzia directly at nunzia@global-currency.com.  yo hablo español

Contact Nunzia Meli

Cheryl joined the Global Currency team in 2019 and brings with her AML experience that is unheard of.  Working across Canada, and the Philippines, Cheryl has worked for a variety of financial institutions.   

Cheryl studied at Winfield College, the Investment Funds Institute of Canada and the Canadian Securities Institute.  Her dedication to quality work and relationships with coworkers is admirable. 

When Cheryl is not working, she can be found jogging at the crack of dawn or wandering through hiking trails with her husband and their two kids.   


Contact Cheryl Hassert

Melissa joined the Global Currency Services team in 2017 and is by far the most well read  member of staff.  She dominates all staff trivia competitions and seems to have a personal and relatable story about every international destination.  She brings extensive customer service experience to this position which complements her previous studies at Humber College.   

When Melissa isn’t working, she is balancing the busy life of having two young kids and a dog. In between all of life’s busyness she still seems to find time to be the most up-to-date on all current events.   

Melissa can be contacted directly at melissa.weeda@global-currency.com 

Contact Melissa Weeda

Desiree joined the Global Currency team in 2019. Desiree’s previous experiences demonstrated what we’ve come to know and love about Desiree: that she is adventurous, is excellent with client interaction and loves the outdoors! Desiree previously studied at Sheridan College and has vast experience in management and customer service.  

When not at work, Desiree spends lots of time with her family going on camping trips and many outdoor adventures!  

Desiree can be contacted directly at desiree.yatco@global-currency.com

Contact Desiree Yatco

Loshini joined the Global Currency team in 2022. Loshini works while pursuing a degree at the University of Guelph. She is currently studying Commerce at the Lang School of Business, specializing in Management and Human Resources. In addition to helping clients, Loshini also assists in Marketing and Human Resources for Global. Pop over to our social media to say hi!
When not at work or studying, Loshini can be found spending time with her two cats, Bamford and Luna.
Loshini can be contacted directly at loshini.gnanapandethan@global-currency.com
நான் தமிழ் பேசுகிறேன்


Contact Loshini Gnanapandethan

Jessica joined the Global Currency team in 2022. Jessica works part-time while pursuing a degree at the University of Guelph. She is in the Arts and Science program, with specializations in French, Linguistics, and Statistics. Jessica’s favourite part about working at Global is hearing client’s travel stories. She loves to use client's suggestions when planning her own trips.
When not at work or studying, Jessica often goes home to Sarnia to visit her family.
Jessica can be contacted directly at jessica.jenniskens@global-currency.com

Contact Jessica Jenniskens

Finn joined the Global Currency team in 2023. He works part-time while pursuing a degree in Physics at the University of Guelph, with minors in Mathematical Science and Applied Geomatics. Finn loves helping clients at the wicket and meeting new faces!

When not at work, Finn can usually be found studying or training for track and field competitions.

Finn can be contacted directly at finn.steinke@global-currency.com

Ich kann Ihnen auch auf Deutsch helfen!

Contact Finn Steinke

Donna joined the Global Currency team in 2023. Donna works part-time while pursuing a degree at the University of Guelph. She is currently studying Environmental Engineering. She enjoys hearing client's travel stories and taking ideas for her own travels.

When not at work or studying, Donna spends her time fostering dogs.

Donna can be contacted directly at donna.patterson@global-currency.com.

Contact Donna Patterson

Tina joined Global Currency at the beginning of 2024. Tina was a salon business owner and attended Sheridan College for Accounting. She also loves to travel which makes her a perfect addition to our team. She has plenty of stories to share and always have some wise words of wisdom, especially when it comes to travel plans or ideas.

When Tina is not work, she loves to hike trails in Cambridge!! Tina and her husband, just welcomed a new puppy into the family, so we are sure she is getting her steps in too!

Tina can be contacted directly at tina.mcdougall@global-currency.com

Contact Tina McDougall

Tatiana joined Global Currency at the beginning of 2024. She recently moved to Canada with her partner from Colombia. Tatiana earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communication – Journalism from Universidad Autonoma de Occidente in Colombia. She enjoys listening to client’s travel stories and sharing tips about South America.

When not at work, Tatiana loves being active. She enjoys attending her CrossFit gym and adventures with her friends.

Tatiana can be contacted directly at tatiana.mercado@global-currency.com

Yo hablo Español

Contact Tatiana Mercado

Alex joined the Global Currency Services team in 2013 while working on her undergrad degree at The University of Guelph. 

Alex has currently taken on a full time career in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, but continues to help out with Global Currency Services with special projects.  

Alex has earned a reputation for being the fastest counter and skilled balancer to date.  

You can contact Alex directly by sending mail to alex@global-currency.com 

Contact Alex Loh