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Foreign Cash Information and Rates

Global Currency Services keeps an active inventory of over 100 currencies and we guarantee to offer the best rate possible on each one! Our cash currencies are available for purchase in our office location only and are not offered through our daily delivery service.

Through our 20 years of helping our community with their foreign currency needs, our FX Traders have acquired substantial knowledge on currencies which we are eager to share with our customers! We generally advise that clients travel with local currency for their destinations whenever possible, but if we know that a country prefers a major currency (like USD) over their own currency, we’re happy to share this advice with you! Some countries prefer larger or smaller denominations, or value the currency based on its physical appearance or condition. Whatever the tips or tricks might be, we’ll share them with you to ensure that you have the smoothest experience possible while travelling.

Let us help you get the cash you need while offering the best local rates, no transaction fees, and without the need to pre-order. 

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