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Electronic Wire Transfers – Incoming and Outgoing

Transfer money to bank accounts anywhere in the world for only $15 per transfer (when there is an exchange of currency)!  We can receive incoming wire transfers on your behalf for no fee!  Wire transfers move into Canadian and American banks within 1-3 days, and into international bank accounts within 3-5 days.   This service is available in person at our office, or can be transacted through email/phone so that you never have to leave your office.

Perhaps you own a business and need to send funds overseas to pay for an invoice.  Perhaps you recently bought a vacation home in Florida.  Maybe you are planning to buy a vehicle from a dealership in Buffalo.  Maybe you need to send support to your family overseas.  These and dozens of other scenarios are well served by wire transfers.  For a $15 service fee, and an unbeatable exchange rate, you can transfer funds into a bank account almost anywhere in the world.  These transfers are safe, secure, and sent through traditional banking systems.

Incoming wire transfers are typically used by businesses when they have clients in other countries that send revenues to Canada.  By having these transfers come to Global Currency Services, you can have greater control over the exchange rate on your funds.  Personal clients appreciate this service when receiving international estate settlements, receiving support payments, relocating to Canada from abroad and receiving revenue.  No fees are charged by Global Currency Services for incoming wire transfers, and as always, the best rate of exchange is guaranteed.

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