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Forward Contracts

Technology is making it so that the world is getting smaller and change is happening faster than ever. Don’t allow currency fluctuation to negatively impact you financially in the future. Forward contracts let you save today’s exchange rate for a trade on a future date.  

Forward contracts are a tool that can be used to mitigate risk due to currency volatility. Essentially, forward contracts establish a trade commitment for a future date (up to a year away) at a rate that reflects today’s current exchange rate. Forward contracts can be used for non-cash transactions such as wire transfers or cheques.  

Both business clients and personal clients can benefit by using forward contracts to reduce the financial risk associated with currency volatility.  

  • Business clients can determine the cost of acquiring international products or services in foreign currencies to ensure sufficient profit margins are maintained.  
  • International businesspeople can ensure their foreign income and domestic expenses are immune to market fluctuation.  
  • Personal clients purchasing foreign property can ensure the cost of the home isn’t impacted by currency fluctuation before the closing date.  

Contact us today to inquire about how this service could help you! This service is available in person at our office location or can be transacted through phone and/or email so you never have to leave your home or office. Note: minimum contract values apply and deposit is required for this service. 

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